Cheminfo Services Inc.


Cheminfo Services Inc. has been providing high quality consulting services to major industrial companies, associations, and public sector clients since 1982. Our areas of expertise include: 

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification

  2. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

  3. Chemicals Risk Management

  4. Public Health Policy

  5. Air Emission and Water Release Inventories and Forecasting

  6. Biochemicals, Biofuels, Life Cycle Assessments

  7. Pollution Reduction in Industrial and Energy Sectors

  8. Waste Management and Recycling

  9. Business and Market Development

  10. Environmental Consulting in Major Industrial and Energy Sectors

Cheminfo’s consulting strengths are:

  1. Industrial market research (surveying companies: mail, telephone, Internet)

  2. Technical, costing, economic and environmental analysis

  3. Regulatory research and analysis

  4. Scientific literature searches

  5. Summarizing large amounts of data/information

  6. Econometrics

  7. Computer modelling: forecasting, economics modelling, life cycle analysis

  8. Technical writing